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What Freedomaire Is All About:
For a very limited time, you will be able to LEARN and USE the SAME EXACT system that a Master Marketer uses to generate leads for Realtors, and start making $5,000-$50,000 a month, every month in recurring income...
Imagine, having time freedom, being your own boss, and spending  more time with your family. A check every month, month in and month out from your very own lead generation business!!
Now, My Question...
Do you believe that in order to live a great life with financial freedom you must sacrifice today? Have you been trying the "hustle 24/7" mentality to no avail? 
Our world has never been more connected and current technology has completely changed the entrepreneurial landscape. Wouldn't you like to start living life now?  

Doesn't it just feel wrong that you should work away your prime years in order to hopefully one day live a life stress-free of finances?

The world is changing for the better with more accessibility allowing a modern entrepreneur to leverage others knowledge and experiences just like the Rockefeller's and the Henry Ford's of today. This System is designed to show and inspire you on what is possible today.

You're Probably Thinking...
You’re probably thinking “I hope this isn't another one of those really complicated hard to follow systems...” Right?

I believe I have found the perfect balance between variety and what is easy for ANYONE on any level to actually generate and sell leads the MODERN way. You do not need to know technology or be tech savvy. Literally EVERYTHING is provided for you. If you can follow simple instructions, you can implement this!

You’re probably thinking “I really hope this works” Right?

Well - it has worked for me, its worked for hundreds of other people---- so YES it will work for you!

You’re probably thinking "I work full time, so I don't have the time" Right?

If you can carve out 30 Minutes a day to completely focus on implementing this system, you will have MORE than enough time.

Hello, Kelvin Gavino here, and after 10 years of building VERY successful
online businesses…
I can tell you with absolute certainty why MOST people have trouble making ANY money online: 

** They don't know WHAT to do or HOW to do it.**

Because of that, it's just guessing for most people.

So what's the solution?

Well, after 10 years of starting and running one  successful business after another…….. 

It all comes down to having a SYSTEM.

A proven SYSTEM is something you can plugin, turn on, and see the results you want, like clockwork. 

So let me ask...

Could you log into Facebook ads and click on some  of the specific targeting options, I give you? 

Could you upload some pre-made contents I give you and then put it on a website, or have a freelancer do it for you?

Could you "copy and paste" a list of leads who opt-in to get a free report (that I'll write FOR you)... 

And then email those leads to real estate agents who will gladly PAY you for them? 

If you answered "Yes" to those 3 things... you have ALL the skills and experience needed to make a consistent, recurring monthly income sending leads to real estate agents 

It's true! Here's the deal…………...
I've been a very successful internet marketer for over 10 years.
I've created sales funnels for Dimitri Nikolakakis, Shane White, and HUNDREDS of other well-known marketing experts. 
Dimitri Nikolakakis
Dimitri and his team at Agency consult to multiple 7 and 8 figure eCommerce brands, amongst other businesses. They have spent well over $10,000,000 on digital advertising. Concurrently, Dimitri speaks at industry leading events such as Affiliate World and iStack Training, while creating content and training to assist entrepreneurs scaling their companies...
My sales funnels has done WELL over 8-figures in sales (and counting) worth of products and services for myself and clients in the last 10 years.
And for the last 10 years, I've been helping businesses and service providers with the ONE thing they ALL need... 
Getting Qualified Leads!
If You Can Get Leads for Realtors…...  You Can Make a VERY Substantial Income for Yourself! 
After all, realtors need a steady flow of prospects if  they want to STAY in business. 

The problem? MOST real estate agents,  don't know HOW to get a steady flow of leads. 

Sure, they're great at selling houses.

But marketing? Not so much.

And because they're not great at the marketing part……….that's where YOU come in! 

If you can provide a steady source of leads to them... you'll be seen as the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs! 

In other words, you'll become a NECESSITY for them!

And it's why ANY realtor who depends on leads is a virtual goldmine to you. They're just waiting to pay you if you can send prospects their way. 

I've had realtors pay me VERY well each month, month after month to run simple  Facebook ads that collects and sends them leads. 

Real estate agents live for leads----it is their life blood to being successful!
Believe me, when you harness the power of Facebook ads, you can
pinpoint specific areas that realtors want to work in.  

Even better, you can set up a funnel that collects motivated and qualified leads from those exact areas... 
Leads That Realtors Will Pay You Monthly For!
I have real estate agents paying me $2,500, $3,500, and $5,000 per month, each and every month, to send them leads. 

I don't have to call anyone or do anything "hands-on".

I just let my Facebook ad and Opt-in Page do the work...
...collecting leads that realtors pay me for each month!

And guess what?

Because MOST realtors don't have the time to learn Facebook ads,
and don't know HOW to use them effectively... they'll gladly pay
YOU to get leads FOR them.

After all, real estate agents can't sell houses without first getting
prospects and leads.

And using Facebook's targeting options, you can single out those
who are thinking of moving, first time home buyers, renters, investors,
and more.

Let me Show You How to Get Paid to
Collect Leads for Real Estate Agents!
This is one of the fastest and easiest ways for ANYONE
to get online and start earning a BIG income... I wanted to get this system into
the hands of those who are wanting to have a stream of RECURRING income online.

That's why I created a NEW sales funnel for those who want
to get PAID monthly to collect and send leads to real estate agents.

It's quick and easy because I HAND you a "Done For You" sales
funnel and turn-key marketing campaign.

And since this "Ready to Use" sales funnel was written by a professional
internet marketer with almost 10 years experience... you can be sure
it converts.

In other words... I GIVE you ALL of the content needed to get realtors
as clients.

That's not all. Once you land realtors as clients, you need to deliver
leads to them, right?

Well, that's why l give you 3 funnel pieces you can use to collect potential
seller and buyer leads for your real estate agent clients!

Again, you literally get EVERYTHING you need to get started TONIGHT.

This funnel works because it PROVES, by demonstrating the Facebook
ad process, that they can count on you to send a steady supply of qualified leads...
What You Will Get:
Starter Pack
  • Facebook Ad That Gets The Attention Of Home Sellers or Buyers
    (By Offering A Valuable Free Home Sales Report)

  • Squeeze Page Copy
    (We will provide a useful FREE home sales report or an estimate of what their Home is worth)
  • Thank You Page Copy
BEST VIP Package!
  • VIP Group
    (Direct Access To Kelvin and Other VIP Members)
  • Facebook Ad That Gets The Attention Of Realtors
    (By Offering A Free Report On How To Get Leads On Autopilot)

  • Squeeze Page Copy
    (That Offers A Free Report To Realtors)
  • Highly Engaging Free Report You Sent To Realtors
  • Thank You Page Copy
  • Follow up Emails
    (3 Pre-written that encourage the Realtors to contact you)
  • Call Sales Script (Proven And Tested)
  • Selling Guide (How To Land Your 1st Client)
  • Service Pricing
Get Financial and Time Freedom:
Join The Freedomaire Movement
This System is One of the Fastest & Easiest Ways to Earn a Consistent, Recurring Monthly Income Online With Absolutely NO Prior Experience, NO Technical Knowledge, and Very Little Money to Get Started!"

Imagine Having Your Own Money-Making Lead Generating Machine, Where You Can Set Your Own Work Hours, Be Your Own Boss, and Finally Make That Great Income That You and Your Family Deserve From Anywhere You are in the World!
This Is For You If You Understand That:
  • This is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme
  • This is not for "Lazy People" neither "Effortless Earnings - "No Magic Button"
  • No Sneaky or misleading methods. We make money by HELPING people.
  • ​Neither my results or my clients results are typical. The people your are going to hear about are hardworking entreprenuers who put in effort and did the work. 
  • ​The results you get are entirely up to YOU!
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About Kelvin Gavino:

Kelvin is the author of the “Campaign Budget Optimization Like A Boss”, “How To Create Email Campaigns That Convert”, “List Building Basics”. He is the Founder of Premade SEO, which provides Facebook ads services, Sales Funnels, Copy Writing, SEO services, and full agency ads management services to small businesses and large companies all over the world. His company oversees $1-3 Million per month in Facebook & Instagram ad spend and over $100 million total.
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